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#OutubroRosa #PinkOctober 
📍Geneva, CH
I introduce you Maria, but she could be called Black Ant 🐜 😊 (at Vitória Veículos Premium)
cachoeira urbana . urban stair falls . 💦☔️ (at ESPM)
people who smile when its raining always show off their shine, the happiness about yourself 😃💦😀☔️😄 by Marcelo Almeida on EyeEm
stabilo boss style 🍐🎾🎨
Family. Those things that are there, on the top of most important and btful in life 💕 by Marcelo Almeida on EyeEm
he thought could hide behind the roller shade… poor cat 😊 (at Dali’s house 😼)
she was playing violin 🎻 🎶 surrounded by red cabs. at the same time the green t-shirt guy and I were shooting 📷📲 😊 (at Rua Mostardeiro)
pigeon hat
my turn… 💦🏊 by Marcelo Almeida on EyeEm