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•Porto Alegre, Brazil•
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congrats! 👏👏 #weltmeister #GER 🇩🇪
🍊‘Clockwork Orange’ flag 😊
olho no olho 🙏 eye-to-eye
soninho bom 😴🌀nice nap (at Dali’s house 😼)
pomba(o), pigeon, columba or flying rat
bom dia! good morning! 🙏 enjoy your weekend! 😎 (at Parque Germânia)
de.gra.dê | gra.di.ent by Marcelo Almeida on EyeEm
daddy pleeease, let me in 😔😇🌀😼 (at Dali’s house 😼)
fim de festa 😵 . pretty small flag. yep, it’s over 😳😩 (at Neuza Goulart Brizola Porto Alegre Rs)
🌾🎏the breeze will take the bad thoughts to the wind, while I wait for someone to share my solitude