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Try-angle 🙌 (at Geneva, CH)
again 😍🌅🙏 (at Bairro Chácara das Pedras)
long time no see awesome sunsets like the last days in #PortoAlegre . today was no different… 🌅😍 (at BR/290 - Freeway)
a couple of friends of mine 👟😎
"The trick is to enjoy life. Don’t wish away your days waiting for better ones ahead" - Marjorie P Hinckley ✨ (Lugano, CH) by Marcelo Almeida on EyeEm
believe it or not! an Asia Motors turned into a VW Van. where we can find these things? only at Brick Lane #UK (at London)
The Albert Pub #UK (at London)
the tubes (who remembers “She’s a beauty” 🎶🎵🎼 by The Tubes, from 80s? luvit!)
wish that you were mine